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Digital Empire VR is the premier 360° virtual tours company for any virtual art gallery in Southwest Florida. Digital Empire VR provides a unique combination of lidar scanner technology and Matterport experts that virtual tours stand out from the competition.

Lidar technology is a cutting-edge tool that allows for accurate 3D mapping of the inside of a building. By using lidar scans, our virtual tours at Digital Empire VR able to capture high-quality 3D images of the entire inside of a art gallery building, including intricate details such as high resolution photography, oil paint strokes, intricate sculptures, canvas artwork, murals, and vintage artworks. Virtual art gallery imaging allows viewers to get a true-to-life experience of any art gallery when viewing the art gallery virtually as if they were standing actually there at that physical location.

In addition to the lidar scanner technology, Digital Empire VR also utilizes Matterport technology to help map any virtual art gallery. Matterport’s 3D imaging technology enables viewers to present online a virtual art gallery tour that is interactive, immersive, and realistic. It allows viewers to explore the space as if they were actually walking through it in person. This technology allows viewers to get a realistic experience without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

The combination of lidar scanner technology and Matterport make Digital Empire VR the best choice for any virtual art gallery 360 virtual tour in Southwest Florida. Digital Empire VR offers only an unparalleled level of detail and realism that no other company can offer. The detailed images and interactive tour allow viewers to immerse themselves in the art gallery and truly appreciate the artwork on display.

The 360° virtual tour also allows visitors to interact with any virtual art gallery artwork in a virtual gallery format. They can use their mouse or finger to rotate the pieces and view them from different angles. They can also move closer to the pieces to get a better view. This feature is especially useful for those who are visually impaired, as they can get a better look at the artwork without having to go to the gallery in person.

In conclusion, Digital Empire VR is the best choice for virtual art galleries in Southwest Florida due to their combination of lidar scanner technology and Matterport. This combination allows them to capture detailed 3D images of the interior of a building, as well as provide an interactive and immersive experience for viewers. Digital Empire VR’s unique combination of technology ensures a realistic and enjoyable virtual tour of virtual art galleries.

The 360° virtual tour offered by Digital Empire VR allows visitors to explore the galleries in detail. The tour begins with a welcome video that introduces the art and the gallery. Then, visitors can explore each exhibit in the gallery in depth, zooming in and out of the works, reading text about the pieces, and viewing additional photos and videos. Visitors can even take a virtual tour of the gallery’s grounds, making it feel like they are actually in the gallery.

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